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Reviews for "QbQbQb (full version)"

You remember that game Riker brought back from Risa that everybody on the Enterprise became addicted to? Yeah, this is basically that. Not gameplay-wise, of course- this is much better. I do have one complaint, however. There's only a certain amount of time you can play this without your brain shutting down. I can reliably place this mark at around 5 hours. Please patch my brain so I can continue.

Wow, just wow! The music alone ist worth 5 Stars! Thanks alot for this awesome game!

Well! A great block color matching game that manages to make the matching process musical with a catchy "8-bit" theme. Additional points for the fact that your game is apparently non-Flash---when did Newgrounds start accepting pure HTML 5 + Javascript games?!? That's awesome!

nice song with lyric :D

I love it! The music is relaxing, and the falling colors make me happy :) It can either be a challenge or simple and pleasantly easy (which can still get pretty challenging XD) Thank you for making such a wonderful game!