Reviews for "Radius Raid"


It's fun and the controls are very responsive.
However, the fun doesn't last terribly long and it becomes a matter of endurance.
I died, not because it got too hard, rather I got bored.
Had I been able to upgrade or if there had been any discernible point in the game perhaps I would've continued.
As it stands this is a "Play it once and move on" type of game.
With some refinements anda few objectives I might come back and play a sequel.
I suggest, giving it a try but don't have high expectations going in.

wish there were upgrades

When I first read the description I wondered why there weren't upgrades. After playing I understand that this game was not meant for upgrades, nor should they be implemented. This is a true "arcade" style game. The only replay value is in trying to beat your high score. Of course, the actual game was somewhat lacking. It seems to be inspired by Geometry Wars (grided background, lots of neon), however the game doesn't really compare. I imagine that the health bar was something you thought of to make this game different and avoid being a clone of Geometry Wars. However... in my opinion it really slowed the game down. In Geometry Wars, the one collision one life method really works well. It makes the game a truly frantic test of skill. This game tries too hard to transition difficulty, it starts at a crawl and doesn't really get hectic till round 15 or so. I don't know if you intend to update this, but if you do I would advise eliminating the first 10 or so rounds entirely. To go back to the health bar... the amount of health is way too high. I died more because I stopped caring than because of the pidley damage caused by running into things. Considering the size of the health bar, the health packs just break the game. I survived 3 or 4 more rounds than I should have after the apathy set in because of them. I think I understand that you were trying to put a unique spin on this genre of game. I appreciate that there are still people being innovative, however you have to watch out that you leave the core experience in tact. The game is far too slow and far too easy. It just doesn't have that strangely delightful stress, that stupidly frantic game play, the tension, pretty much all the key points in this style of game. I realize that this review is getting really long, so I'll just give you advice on how to make the game better
1. The number of enemies who actually go after the player is too small.
2. The enemies aren't very unique. You would be better off with six or seven unique enemies than 13 generic ones. The biggest differences were health and size, and some did chase you, but most kinda just floated around. You should give the enemies unique behavior, movements and appearances.
3. Nerf the health. The point in this game is to score, not survive. If the game timer is to be believed it took me 16 minutes to die on my first attempt. I think the first 10 minutes were just a waste of time. Put some kind of combo or score multiplier in for replayability. As it is now, score is more of a function of the time spent playing than skill.
4. You might want to put some enemies that actually shoot back. If you don't die on contact and don't get completely mobbed by enemies you need to make them shoot back. Give me something to dodge.

I apologize for the length, but I think you could really improve this game even after release.

jackrugile responds:

Thanks for your detailed review. Your feedback and honesty is greatly appreciated. I am getting some of the most helpful responses on Newgrounds, so glad I submitted here.

There were many games that inspired me, and Geometry Wars was definitely one of them. I have never actually played it though, I just loved the aesthetic I saw from some YouTube videos of the gameplay. The game looks incredible.

I am a sucker for upgrade games, but I appreciate the fact that you see this as an arcade style, that is exactly what I was going for. After playing more I would definitely ramp things up faster and not be so generous with health. Calibrating difficulty was one of the hardest aspects of creating the game.

I agree on the enemy front as well. I would love to vary them more. This was originally a submission for a code golf game competition, so certain aspects of the game were limited size wise, but some were just poor choices. I decided that I am going to keep it in its submission state, but will definitely be taking pointers from you guys on Newgrounds for my upcoming games.

Don't apologize for the length, I love it! It is greatly appreciated. Honest, in depth feedback is hard to come by. I'd pay good money for it, and you guys are giving it for free. So thank you ;)

Pretty simple gameplay and design. High nostalgia level as well. The shooting sound effect is kinda annoying since you hear it over and over due to how the game plays but it sounds pretty cool when an upgrade is acquired. The explosion effect is very nice. It really needs some epic retro chiptune music. It feels pretty empty without any awesome music. Pretty good game I must say but the lack of music and simple designs really limit the fun.

There's a really nasty tendency for shots to pass right through enemies, especially the smaller ones. If you sit still and just fire continuously, it looks like the shots are moving further each frame than their physical dimensions, and there are stretches of empty space that they never touch at all.

There are two solutions to this. The first is to never make a projectile move further than its own length between frames, but it makes projectiles slow.

The better solution is to see if enemies intersect the line connecting its initial and final position. Calculating distance to a line is a pretty easy bit of trig and vector math, as is projecting WHERE it hits onto that line if you want to add a small explosion instead of just vanishing the shot.