Reviews for "Radius Raid"

Loved the game, tha layout and graphics are beautiful! But... If it was more original, I could rate it 5 Stars, because there are already plenty of games like this... Anyway, congratulations for the game, it's very good!

Very simple, however, nonetheless fun. I did liked the radius themed enemies, since while they're weren't cleverly designed, they were at least a cute force to fight against. Along with that, the controls were tight, even if I'm a smidgen disappointed sliding wasn't added, if you happened to let go of the arrow key. Aside from all that, a few cons. Some of the power-ups, such as health, spawn too frequently. I would like it to spawn much less often, and on the higher up enemies, so you have to risk more health just to regain some. Other than that, I'm highly disappointed of the lack of a high score counter.. I'd love to beat others.

Looks like a modern, more challenging, more graphically appealing version of the Asteroids classic. I like it! Sleek, fun and effective. Keep up the good work!


Fun variant of asteroids. The fast pace brought tears to my eyes. Stress tears mind you which in this genre is a very good thing :)

Really straight forward and fun to play. Not much else to say.