Reviews for "Radius Raid"

Awesome space shooter, i feel great every time i get a kill, medals would be awesome for a new highscore or enough kills but this game is already perfect the way it is :)

I love this kind of game ...
Graphic is minimal but work ...
only a couple of problem ...
First Give some time to catch a breath ... maybe a stop after a wave is a good idea ...
Second instead of give boost better if u make a shoop with upgrade tio buy
Last put a boss or something to break monotony or people begin to bored too soon

jackrugile responds:

Thanks for your review. I had considered clearing the level of existing enemies on each level change, but never implemented. Will definitely consider doing that!

pretty good game mechanics and good enemies to fight with. the reason why i took a .5 star off is because there wasnt any good or epic music playing. add a good jam to it and it will deserve a full 5 stars. good work

jackrugile responds:

Agreed, will be adding rad tunes to my games from now on ;)

Great game! It could use background music like others have stated.

It is like Pixel purge, loved the ultra smooth graphics. I think it was hard accelerated, right ?

But Pixel purge had better replay-ability due to its level up system which was open ended.

While I definitely enjoyed your game, modern endless games have a multiplier system which has spoiled me :) But good start, upgrade them please !

jackrugile responds:

Wow, just played Pixel Purge... That game is incredible and in its own league, WAY above mine. That level up system is genius and definitely keeps me hooked.

I think whether or not canvas is hardware accelerated depends on your browser, not totally sure though.