Reviews for "Radius Raid"

Loved the game, tha layout and graphics are beautiful! But... If it was more original, I could rate it 5 Stars, because there are already plenty of games like this... Anyway, congratulations for the game, it's very good!

Whoo! That got the adrenaline going. A wonderful update to the classic Asteroids formula!


It's fun and the controls are very responsive.
However, the fun doesn't last terribly long and it becomes a matter of endurance.
I died, not because it got too hard, rather I got bored.
Had I been able to upgrade or if there had been any discernible point in the game perhaps I would've continued.
As it stands this is a "Play it once and move on" type of game.
With some refinements anda few objectives I might come back and play a sequel.
I suggest, giving it a try but don't have high expectations going in.

it's like astroids on crack

great game. wonderfully bright graphics. eye watering occured.