Reviews for "Radius Raid"

Awesome space shooter, i feel great every time i get a kill, medals would be awesome for a new highscore or enough kills but this game is already perfect the way it is :)

Awesome game, quite intense. Would be awesome to see a leaderboard for this too.

I feel like it was too silent though, if it had some action-packed music that fit the theme, the intensity would really shine through.

Really straight forward and fun to play. Not much else to say.

Pretty simple gameplay and design. High nostalgia level as well. The shooting sound effect is kinda annoying since you hear it over and over due to how the game plays but it sounds pretty cool when an upgrade is acquired. The explosion effect is very nice. It really needs some epic retro chiptune music. It feels pretty empty without any awesome music. Pretty good game I must say but the lack of music and simple designs really limit the fun.

Pretty simple gameplay, very good arcade style. Can use some improvements.