Reviews for "The Sketch Collab 2013"

{Artist did a great job. But I felt that there was no cohesion between the collaborations. I mean there should be an element that sticks every collab to each other and just "it's sketch" is not really enough.

I recommend.

Thanks again for letting me be part of this and it's been a pleasure working with you guys!

Great job on your parts everyone and hope next year's will be just as awesome.

Next year I'm definitely in :D

Woo, another awesome collaboration! And the best one saved for last, too. As always there's a lot of varied submissions in this, different qualities and types, and a lot of comedy. Great music, great animation, great work!


not bad guys. there is definitely something i have to comment on and its visual pacing. things never felt defined enough on screen for the audience to tell what was going on, or what was trying to be conveyed. i suggest slowing down (increasing the amount of blank frames) in between each shot/sequence, allowing for more visual grasp. it allows the audience to take in the actions taking place, and gives them more memory of the situation presented.

you guys are going to go places if you can work on that =)