Reviews for "Earth Taken"

Absolutely loved it, although I would've loved some customization for your character. Controls were slightly annoying but did not stop the overall great experience of this game. Perfect mix of survival horror and action.

the gateway is the hardest mission the alien ship is strong but it would be cool if it was multiplayer great game though you sir are a genius

Great game. It had fun graphics and felt like a survival horror. I say this because it has similar aspects. For example, when you are trying to decide if you should use a ration or save it to buy things at the shop. All in all it was a fun shooter.

I would rate 5 stars but the controls were very confusing.

Great game!

I had a little bit of fun with this game, but I didn't know what the gas masks were for at first, and I really had to rush through the 1st level, I was having fun until I got to the end with the space ship, and I bought all ammo for my smg, and shot gun and I still could not take out the spaceship.Good effort I guess.