Reviews for "Monster Town Defense"

my favourite game, i would love to know what the soundtrack for this game is too! it's awesome!

nice music you added for the game

havent played the game cause too lazy to read instruction

so i jsut lisened to the music

I love this game! But I really need to know the song for this game!

really fun (:

Excellent, well developed game, with a decent amount of play time. a few things i dislike is that there's no documentation, i can not make the monbot, why i do not know, I research then it says cannot in this city, well my starting city says the same, I've taken 5 towns and none can make this. It may help out with how hard the towns are to take (just from rebels) Ive not encountered the humans yet so we will see, if i don't lose interest before then. overall excellent game on newgrounds! I've played for several hours now and im looking forward to future uploads