Reviews for "Monster Town Defense"

This game is amazing,but has so much room for improvements!

There seems to be large disproportions and lots of confusion about how the combat numbers work, for instance, why is it I can't seem to get any of my soldiers above the 100 mark, yet the enemy gets up to 300-600 number mark very easily? Training the troops doesn't seem to do anything, and I don't see a way to make them any stronger, which would mean "brute forcing" just with sheer number quantity, EXCEPT the enemy makes endless waves of troops to send at you, all which have the advantage of spells and buffs, while you have a low research capability for purchasing these. due to limiting of 1 special building per city.

What this does is makes using only vehicles mandatory to win your battles, because you cannot (even with military racial) keep enough troops due to limiting of buildings, in a city.. perhaps give an ability to upgrade higher, I don't see a reason why you can immediately build a building, then upgrade it to level 3 almost instantly... make it more rewarding, and more expensive to upgrade, or add more upgrades, and add upgrades to soldier/vehicle as well

Combat at "field" Give a few seconds to set up your defense, you have to pan all the way to the front of where you can set defensive buildings,but by the time you get there, the enemy has already moved through which means you have to set it farther back, and if only ONE enemy makes it through, somehow the entire army is at your front gate ? LOL?

Remove spells from enemy, They don't need Acid rain/earthquake, ect. It already gets a limitless wave of baddies to throw at you, which easily have higher hp numbers than any of your troops.

Resources- Very Linear, till you research + production skill, then it becomes exponential.

Monbot- Where the hell do I finally get the ability to build these? Every town I go to allows me to waste the research points to research it, then says "You can't build it in this town." WHY? That is a complete waste of research points if I can't build it there! and if I can't why can't it till me what town I CAN build it in? This was one of the more frustrating things because of the excitement--> disappointment of researching what appears to be the most powerful unit, only to be told you can't build it. What a let down!

Auto-generation- Seems good,but the scales are hugely disproportionate, 10-->100?

Battles- THEY...LAST...TOO...LONG. And I have NOTHING to do, nothing to micro, nothing at all, except place some lame spells or buff some of my troops with duplicate or skill, which by the way, is a poor design concept for a spell.
I spent more time watching battles than I did being able to manage anything, most of the time I simply bribed the enemy because getting surplus of resources was very easy , and I didn't feel like waiting several minutes to watch the enemy moral counter reach 0. For every soldier you killed, they lost 1 moral, Why not just add a number count and once beaten the attack is over? I don't like limitless waves, Even tower defense games have limits in the waves and provide adequate preparation time.

Troop limit on field- OMG PLEASE REMOVE THIS. Or give me the ability to research/upgrade how many I can put out, because the enemy has limitless waves and I HATE that they can deploy literally dozens and dozens of the same time vehicles and I am limited to 11-13

Defensive units- I placed a zombie trap to watch it instantly disintegrate before my very eyes, wtf? Same with spike trap. The Enemy numbers get too much higher than yours, which seem to never change. I do notice my tower at the gate go from 1000 to 4000 eventually, BUT WHAT DICTATES THIS NUMBER? There is very little information regarding any of this!

Over all, this game is amazing, and has been keeping me busy for several days, I couldn't imagine how difficult this would be on hard, because normal in its own respective is fairly difficult. Kudos, I hope to see improvements or a second!

I like it, but it is too time consuming and irritating to play it as it is right now.

What would make it better? Much better? Easy to use keyboard shortcuts, or even better, custom key bindings!

Things like:
ESC to exit current window/menu
TAB to switch towns
ENTER to select current action

Just stuff like that.

I love the concept though, I really do!

Any TD game is a good game, but this is a... huuuge game! I was thinking the Monsters would be the big twist, but it's more than just a defense game, it's an entire world to explore, battle, buy, upgrade and venture across. A bit complicated at first, but if you actually read the tips it all makes sense after a while. I'm not sure I like the need to scroll around each level, but apart from that, the game dynamics are great. So much to do; so much strategy! Also plenty of choices on scenarios, difficulties and items. It's a really flexible world. Keep it going!


Not bad.

An backout view of the town would have been a good idea. As well as actually having your little guys walking from place to place. A lot of design choices I felt just didn't mesh very well.