Reviews for "Monster Town Defense"

After I finished the tutorial, I researched the factory. Then I started to the tasks. Task 1: done. Task 2: done. Task 3: research the factory. Why? I already researched it and now I'm stuck on task 3?
Fix this glitch and maybe you'll get an higher rate next time.
For now: 0 stars!

my favourite game, i would love to know what the soundtrack for this game is too! it's awesome!

Played the tutorial and buy 5 extra of each troop, so I now have 55 sword and 55 hand. I place them and win the field battle easy enough. I move on to the gate battle and I spawn everything as fast as I can (why shouldn't you). Once I get to the enemy gate they start to spawn like crazy but seem to swing in the air for a while until they crush me.

Back to the village I quickly research every building and upgrade them to max. Why even have building slots and upgrades if you can instantly fill everything?

I wait a short while and build 500 sword, 100 archers and train them to max. I attack and again, but now they are a lot stronger than before. However I manage to reach the gate, but just as last time they start spawning like mad and defeat me.

I get attacked and realise that the supposed 1 min I get to place defences is a lie. I get run over after having placed one spider. Fortunately I have started rebuilding my army so I can repel them at the gate.

I rebuild my army and attack with the same results as last time. It is not doable with infantry.

I research the copter, but man is it expensive. Might as well wait though, infantry is useless. I press speed to x4 and wait.

I get attacked again. Having no army I place my defensive units behind the gate. The enemy keeps coming and coming, morale slowly sinking. Fortunately I have many arrow and fire throwers and a few spells so maybe I can tough it out, but no. Once the arrow throwers are depleted they remain on the field and fill the limit. No more defences means no way of dealing with the constant stream of attackers. I get defeated and lose.

I'm not giving it another try. Battle mechanics are awful. You have no control of your units. One failed attack means you just have to wait until you can build a new army. There is nothing to do in the meantime. Melee units seems to clump together so there is no need for ranged. I had 700 population of swords and it was not enough to take the first barbarian city.

Why have upgrades if you are instantly at max level?
Why have ranged units if they serve no purpose?
Why have infantry at all if they can't take over even the first city?
Why have the building buildings mechanic if you are instantly filling your map and have very little choice in what buildings you build?
Why does the enemy get to have infinite units? How is that fun?

Game is great, a lot of effort was invested in this game and it shows.


I've heard this song in tons of games. some original music would be nice.