Reviews for "Monster Town Defense"

Meh... Just meh

It has some major flaws. If you were to fix the following, fantastic game!

1. Better allied AI or, a way to control units
2. Better explaination of what "weapons" do in combat
3. A button for quality for slower computers
5. Better explaination of defense
6. A 5x button
7. Better training capabilities but make it progressively harder to train as they get stronger.

Very good game but badly needs a save function, can get bogged down and sluggish and being able to close the browser and and start from where you left off would make it playable for a decent time. There is still a lot thats unclear, the learning curve is a bit steep, especially when you think you have hundreds of troops and end up having something like 5. This is close to being an epic 5 star defence game if you can put in just a little more effort to get it there :)

I'm sorry, but when you give me a tutorial, and yet I am left wondering what the hell I am meant to do, you're doing somthing wrong. I did pick it up quickly though once I realised this was nothing more than one of those MMO browser-based games, but single player and without having to wait 5 RL hours for stuff. It was still not at all fun, and only serves to waste time, just like those other games. But I do thankyou for making it so much faster. I lost after only my 4th battle, never able to make a big army without losing it instantly. Defending, made no sense. I had only begun to play my first wall when the enemies ran past. And why do the enemy have maxed out armies? Everything abotu this game's balance is broken. If it was at least fun and had some skill to it I could've given you a few stars. But this can hardly be called a game, it's an utter waste of time. More so for you than us. You clearly spent MASSIVE amounts of effort to make this, and all for nothing. Knowing how to code is useless if you don't know how to fun. Next time you make a game, SERIOUSLY rethink things. Don't make another mistake like this. I could go on with more flaws, but I've complained too long already. They sure give you a lot of letters for these reviews.

A lot of reviewers are really confused. Seriously, I can tell that you reviewed without really playing the game. Not that you really need to play it, but a LOT of the questions I see in reviews are answered just by playing the game.

First of all, research - you have to redo it for every city you take over. That is a big pain. I guess monsters just don't share.

Second, attacking. The enemy does not have infinite armies (you can see the number they have in the top right corner). It is quite large, so you need an over powered army to take them out. You can easily do so by getting a huge 2000+ army, fully train them, and you're fine. I could easily take over the nearby barbarian cities. My only issue was that it was so slow and boring. And my people decide to use all 1000 of their manpower to attack one dude, instead of spreading out and doing more damage.

Being under attack - it makes absolutely no sense that the "bribe" also consists of taking some of your army units (i.e. 50%). I'd expect the other resources, but not army units...

Bug that I've taken advantage of - Making houses = +"civilians". Then you can use the "civilians" up. What now? Well, sell the houses and rebuild them, of course. Sell all of your houses, and then rebuild and reupgrade, new people have come to live there.

Anyway, there are a lot of issues, but it is an okay game. Experience could be a lot smoother.