Reviews for "Monster Town Defense"

I would have given this game a MUCH higher rating if it weren't for the fact that after I got a second town, I would try to return to the map and the game would get stuck on a blank page. It was very frustrating and really ruined the experience.

As far as gameplay, I had trouble getting a balance in my second town. The first town was on basic autopilot after the start. I had inexhaustible resources due to the perfect balance. Could build as many units as I needed. Second town could never get above the red line.

Ok I just finished this game in the "monster glory" scenario on normal mode and just want to share what I did to beat it. I picked the tech ability in the beginning btw.

It really does have a bit of a learning curve since some of the in-game descriptions is can be somehow misleading due to grammar issues, but no biggie I just learned as I played.

One pain when building stuff is that the game does not inform you on which exact resource is missing when you are low on it and the explanation of battle in the beginning is also very shallow.

--Anyways I want to begin with which structures to choose when staring up your town.

1. House - provides workers, essential to provide other buildings to be constructed and upgraded, consumes food/day.

2. Farm - provides food needed by workers, also produces gold. consumes wood & iron/day

3. Blacksmith - provides iron, can only be placed near a mountain. consumes gold/day

4. Saw Mill - provides wood, can only be placed near forests. consumes gold/day

--After building these four structures try upgrading them all to lv 3.

5. Barracks - seriously don't waste time and resources on this structure. consumes gold/day

--try building around 3 each of structures 2,3,4 then upgrading them again to lv 3. When you find yourself getting low on Gold click on the "Trade" button to sell your excess wood & iron. Now build a lab.

6. Lab - provides tech points per day, which is needed to unlock advanced buildings, vehicles in the factory, army buff/town abilities in the library, spells in the temple, and defenses at the fortress. consumes gold/day

--try to upgrade to lv 3 right away after it's built if you can, as it will produce more tech points for faster advancement. begin unlocking the other buildings in the lab.

--- DON'T FORGET TO SAVE! It can be found in the Options menu.

7. Armory - unlocks in the lab. you can purchase weapons to arm the infantry for the barracks, but the real purpose of these is purchasing the fire thrower siege weapon needed to build tanks and copters. consumes gold/day

-- buy around 20 of catapults & fire launchers or a combo of both.

8. Temple - unlocks in the lab, provides mana which is needed to power up the library's abilities, purchase spells, and Monbots.

--you'll need at least 2-3 lv 3 temples in every town to keep the library running.

Spells in the temple
--the attack spells is not as vital as the buff spells and those are straight forward so lets go straight to the buffs:
a. Immune - reduces incoming damage, essential spell
b. invisibility - don't really know what it does... the enemy still sees your army, Don't bother.
c. Special attack - attack-up buff, ending battles faster is always good.
d. duplicate double current HP of your units, can only be used once per spawn of unit.

9. Library - unlocks in the lab. provides buffs for your army "inside" and "coming from" that town it was built on (that town and only that town).
a. ranger - increases attack range of ranged units useful for copters and tanks on mowing down melee units.
b. tireless - attack damage up for all troops
c. armor plus - doubles HP of all troops. great when combined with the "duplicate" spell when conquering a town
d. speed plus - increases moving speed or attack speed I think..not really sure
e. entertainment - adds welfare resource, can replace the park if you're sure the town's will not run out of the needed resource.
f. fast build - decreases the time required to construct buildings. good time saver.
g. raw plus - greatly increase iron and wood production
h. gold plus - greatly increase gold production.

research it in the lab and activate g, h, and maybe f if you still have space to spare in your town. just remember to deactivate "fast build" after the town is full. unlock the copter in the lab too if you can.

10. Fortress - unlocks in the lab. Allows you to purchase defensive units for field battles whenever your town is under attack. there are only two units that is worth looking into...
a. Wall - absolutely essential to buy you time until your troops arrive.
b. Spider web - moderate dps turret that can fire spiders forward & backwards if an enemy is close enough.

--you will probably attacked before you can get out a single vehicle out from the factory due to it's research time and high cost so you don't want to be defenseless when that happens, purchase around 8-12 each, I will explain how battles work later. walls + catapults is useful early on taking on the barbarians.

11. Factory - unlocks in the lab. Allows you to purchase vehicles which will be your main troops, it consumes gold/day all units needs to be researched 1st in the lab. Consumes gold/day

a. Tanks - ground ranged unit, it has a base HP of 500, with armor plus 1000
b. Copter - air ranged unit, it has a base HP of 1000, with armor plus 2000
c. Monbot - ground melee unit, has the base HP of 2000 with armor plus 4000 it can hits everything in the battle field whenever it attacks including the enemy castle but has a slow attack speed. You can only create these in towns that has the "Farm" icon in the world map.

--- keep this building at lv2 and every other conquered towns except Lusesia, Hallasium, Riberias, and Mapathonia. Upgrading to lv3 is only needed for the Monbots which can only be purchased in those towns. Start building copters now.

12. Park - provides welfare, consumes gold/day
--- unlock and build one of these as soon as you can after conquering a town, it will save you a lot of headache later.
---after building all of these... feel free to add more of structures 1~4,and maybe 8 as you see fit.

Battle System
--battles can be one won in two ways, either depleting the enemy morale to zero or destroying their castle(in attacking only). I find the former easier to do, each killed enemy unit reduces morale. Let's look at attacking and defending.

Defending - after each time you repel the enemy's their HP will steadily grow larger the next time they try to raid you.

1. Field battle (available only if you have a fortress, good in early game)
a. you need to prevent the enemy from reaching the most left side, failing to do so will result in a Gate battle with higher enemy morale
b. enemy has higher morale, almost double than Gate battles
c. you have to hold on for around a minute using only defensive units until your main force arrives
d. place 2 columns of walls and 2 columns of spider web behind it, then 2 columns of spider web underneath and behind the soldiers that's attacking the walls. then repeat until you fill out all the red circles if you want.
e. once your troops arrive you can summon soldiers vehicles,siege weapons and use spells
-- during the 1st attack on your town you probably still won't have troops just take out some catapults by pressing on weapons> catapult> then click the battle field to place them. with enough of them the enemy troops should get driven off.

2. Gate battle (this is preferable later when you have lots of vehicles at your disposal)
a. enemy morale is lower thus shorter battle
b. spam troops then use buff spells, repeat when needed. when your army spawns use "duplicate" first to double their HP, then once they're near the enemy use "immune" then "special attack". Release siege weapons if they get too close to the castle.

Attacking - the enemy seems to have a more fixed HP inside their town when you attack.make sure that the town your troops are coming from has the library army buffs active, prepare 5-10 buff spells each from the temple, 12-16 vehicles then send 50% of everything from your town to the target town. sending 100% is a bad idea as it can shut down your town's operations. Don't forget to Save before attacking a town.

1. Field battle
-wipe out the all enemy troops before you, enemy has no morale to lower. you can place the same unit type again if it gets killed. f you are pushed to the left unleash catapults(watch out as it has limited ammo).

2. Gate Battle
-same tactic as defending, except later in game vs human vehicles where you may need to unleash 6 Monbots as a tank and 5 copters as support. while spamming spells since they can have as much as 22k HP. you can only summon out 11 vehicles at a time. Always keep an eye on "Our power" at the upper right of the screen as it represents the number of your troops and if it reaches zero you loose so always keeps spawning troops to keep that 11 up. if you are pushed to the left unleash catapults(again it has limited ammo and the amount of weapons that can be deployed is limited so don't be spam them too much as it will keep firing even if there's no enemy).

---The first town you should take is Austinepolis then follow up on the next two neighboring two Ascelon & Saleandria on the island. Then expanding up north is the best course of action since it's easier to defend, then work your way to Luscsia where you can build Monbots.

Okay...I just conquered a town now what?
---start by building a house then a farm and upgrade both to lv3 then a lv3 lab, build a couple of black smithies and sawmills then upgrade. after enough Tech pts... research, build and upgrade the temple (2 to 3 of them) and park. Then research, build, upgrade, and activate the skills in the library, research fast build ability in the lab then activate it. research and build a factory then the armory if you like. if your making a military base research copters and fire launchers 1st or
research raw and gold plus and activate. then if you find yourself getting low on workers just build an additional lv3 house. then build as you see fit.. once the town is full, deactivate "fast build" and prepare to conquer the next town after stacking on spells and assembling an army.

Town types
1. Abundant - rich in both iron and wood, great for building your armies serving as military bases
2. Specific - rich in one type, scarce on another, these maps are usually tiny & are better left as resource gathering towns.
3. Deserted - no resources at all, there are at least 4 towns in the game like this. Useless towns? NO! transform these towns into "gold and spell making capitals" by building lots of temples and farms then supply it with wood and iron occasionally from a neighboring town or buy them with gold that it produces.

Resource management:
1. Gold - resource needed badly early in the game, remember trade off raw goods if you need extra gold.
2. Iron - end game resource, monbots needs a lot of them.
--Never had problems with other types. with the exception of 2 instances of rebellion because I forgot to build a park. again remember to supply front line towns and desert towns occasionally.

--move your campaign towards the center island
a. Malgeris should push towards Hallasium
b. Lusuesia to Riberias
c. Austinepolis to Edessaria
Conquer your way North towards the Final Area.

Nova Alvetia - Final Area

there are 3~4 gate battles in this town, humans starts spewing copters and tanks that can make short work of an 8000 hp Monbot if you get too close to the castle. the Enemy is also notorious on using spells like earthquake on your newly spawned troops then buffing it's own. you'll need lots of spells both buff and attack. Monbots and copters too. just remember the tactic for gate battles let the buffed monbots tank the enemy while the copters pepper them down then when the Monbots die respawn more of monbots buff then repeat. don't forget to reapply the attack buff on the copters behind the monbots! keep the buffs up on your troops while using acid rain on clustered enemies. Keep the battle at the center if you can, keep it up and you'll win...eventually... Congrats your now the Monster King! Kinda disappointed that it has no ending story comic to read like the intro though...

nice music you added for the game

havent played the game cause too lazy to read instruction

so i jsut lisened to the music


I couldn't get past the shakey text in tutorial. It gave me a headache.

this game is + or - to me