Reviews for "Monster Town Defense"

bugged for me too I'm afraid with the blank page.
seems cool but no way to know if I can't progress, so I'm rating it for what I played.

thers a glitch it wont save my progress for some reason but ineed good

first I was very enthousiastic, and then very disappointed.

nice concept, but the combat system completely ruined it for me. i don't understand the appeal of the style. a more tactical, maybe top down or turn based or whatever, really anything but this... it also lags like hell.

It's impossible to get a good gauge of what a town's defences will be like.
i lost the first in the tutorial, so i built like 500 troops and tried again but i failed.. very frustrating. i really dont know hte system of how the enemies generate their forces, but any way at all to get insight into it would help alot

additionally , in town, the menus are kind of convoluted, it's hard to get an overview of weapons or troops. perhaps if i could build weapons and troops from the same screen?

perhaps an overview of towns in map mode, and a more efficient way to move resources between towns would be nice too.

the blank page in the middle of the game messed it up with me.......sorry only 2.5 stars...

Just like Age of Empires except with the ability to take over towns, which I love. BUT, as Babnoba says below, I got stuck on a blank page and had to restart. I had no urge to start over.