Reviews for "Monster Town Defense"

really fun (:

Its entertaining and time comsumming. But I can only conquer like 1 town, even on easy, the computer's forces are far superior to mine. I Spent like 45 minutes just making and training soldiers, built 2 tanks and 2 helicopters 10 acid rains etc etc. and still couldn't win. make the computer easy on easy geez.

This might be a good foundation for a game, but everything seems overly complex. You need like twice the tool tips you currently have. For example, if you're short on a resource, highlight it. I have know idea how strong a town is. I attacked the first town in the tutorial and lost. That's a bad sign. You should at least be able to win the battle the game told me to do. If there was no chance of me winning, why the hell would I attack it? Then, I tried attacking it again, and their forces quadrupled! So:

Simplify the interface and resource management system
Add more helpful tool tips, especially for attacking other cities. I still don't understand why I'm pressing two different percentages on the screen before a battle.
Either don't tell me to pick a fight I can't win or make that fight winnable.

To be honest, the game just really needs a ton of simplifying.

I love this game! But I really need to know the song for this game!

At first, I was tricked by your title and intro page. The game seemed fair enough to try. When I start it, you immediately fail. This isn't a tower defense, its a simulation, city builder, with maybe some defense on the side. I feel like I went to mc'donalds, ordered a cheeseburger, and got a milkshake thrown in my face. False advertising is bad, even if not intentional.