Reviews for "Monster Town Defense"

Too complicated

Congrats to any player who can do well at this game, but the difficulty is far, FAR too high. It makes it a pain in the backside to play. The overall function of the game is great, albeit a little complicated. But after a few tries and fails you get the hang of it, and the initial confusion for me is not a problem at all.

It just needs to be a little easier. I'm playing it on "easy" and I can't do a sodding thing!

In all honesty one of the most boring games I've played this year.

I can only follow


with his ideas / complains, I had the same problems. It didnt keep me playing. It kind of resembles TSO (The Settlers Online).

The game was fun at first but the fact that you have to start over researching everything after you take over a new town is too repetitive and gets boring fast.