Reviews for "Monster Town Defense"

Dude the song that plays is in minerforge on xbox 360

look's like MMO

I love, love this game, but why call easy just that when it is not easy. Easy mode is a setting for new players or those who are not confident so they can get through the game and understand its mechanics easily without too much, if really any trouble. This game starts at a standard difficulty at best, and for me I cannot get more than 2 vliiages before having to deal with one of them being attacked.

I'm sad to not give this a higher score, since there was a LOT of effort put into this. However, I have to be fair - the gameplay was confusing and unclear, the tutorial only gives you a basic idea of how things work, and the "easy" difficulty felt more like "Umad, bro?"

The confusion is chief amongst what should be addressed, and it could be a few, simple fixes. The first thing that could help would be to option to zoom in/out while looking at a town - I don't have to scan everything row by row in search of my lab. The other way to assist would be a larger screen. (Those buttons on the side are hard to see)

The other part that would really make this take off is an easy mode that's actually easy. For purpose of testing, I tried my first game on Medium and failed miserably. After that, I picked easy and failed miserably again with 120+ of each type of soldier ON THE FIELD. (Too early to have access to heavy units, magic and defenses.)

There is a LOT of potential with this game, and it has an interesting concept to top that. Please, don't leave this as a sub-stellar shadow of what it could be!

it a good game at 1st but gets old fast! and how the hell do you build a monbot!?!?!?!?!