Reviews for "Monster Town Defense"

1 Star for the nice idea, but nearly unplayable due to all the bugs, i.e. enemys spawning endless waves of 10ths of thousands of soldiers, just ridiculous!

im giving this 3.5 stars because the game is good, but it has some bugs in it.

the tutorial is not very good in teaching about combat, especially the difference between field and gate.

i never got the base defenses to work at all, even though i purchased over 50 in a town that was attacked.

no matter how upgraded i got my city i was never allowed to purchase the strongest artillery unit, it always said "unable to purchase in this town" and i had everything maxed out, every building built, and everything researched, so i do not understand why that was.

it was still a good game, i just felt the game was not as good as it could be.

a more in depth tutorial would be nice, explaining about what things do.

A zoom out would be great.

Fun, nice graphics! The music is fitting, but repetitive. Otherwise, this is a fun little game.

I dont know what's the objetive of the game, just stay there and watch? i spend like 2 hours and forme it's a 3 stars game