Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 18"

Nice to this series back, thought for sure the author was through with it, oh well what do I know.

Seems like I've been away from cartoons for too long, plenty of things going on in the cartoon world! This was a both entertaining and educational watch. Nothing like a little rant with contained wisdom. Reminds me of Foamy a bit, hmm... inspiration? Either way I'll be looking forward to the next ep. Keep it going!


I thought it was just me at first, but after looking at the previous episode again I noticed that the animation quality noticeably dropped and this episode wasn't nearly as entertaining as previous episodes. It really is a shame but I'll count this as strike one for the series. Hopefully the quality will ascend back to its original height and the idea of additional strikes will be unnecessary.

it was still good but besides the lipsync was a little weird but didnt interfer with anything so yeah,still seems like all of the original ones.

Something seemed......not right. Not only was the lip sync missing, but our favorite black and white dog isn't making the entertaining quips he would do in the first season along with a lack of the over the top emotions. Something going on here?