Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 18"

Glad to see you back and its a good script but why is the animation quality so much worst than the other episodes?

i actully like gumball, but your review is perfect!
further more, Diss "Uncle Grandpa" and that one show off nick... what is it, some kid and his pet talking snake...? i cant fricken stand these shows.

thankyou for ripping up this show i cant stant 5 min of it what happened to good carttoons with humour that adults and kids both enjoy, also rip the show Uncle Grandpa that just came out for cartoon network

It's a better direction than what we have to today with women. If you don't have abs, muscles, money, power, fame, nice car, nice house, nice job, and/or a dick sized of at least 6 inches... you're a failure. It's not usually about a nice personality, you can't fuck a personality.
Overall, it' a funny show than most shit :P

I like the one pic where the mother was made to look smoking hot.