Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 18"

Daym...Gumball's mom is hot xD

so i'm not the only one who thinks that gumball's mom is hot?

I agree with the post below Uncle Granpa definitely needs to on the chopping block next. All the more proof that the more retarded something is, the more people are prone in our supposed intelligent society to swarm all over like flies on a pile of shxt XD

Exactly the same situation with SpongeBob or Annoying Orange

The writing and voice and everything was fine but it looks like you didn't even try to lip sync it. It's choppy, and it's just him opening and closing without ever changing shape.

What's the deal man? The other ones were great and the lip sync was pretty much spot on.

I don't understand, is this supposed to be a review? I didn't really get a negative or positive vibe from this, it's just "how did that guy end up with her?" "isn't it weird how a fish grew legs" "hey, did I mention how weird it is that this fat loser hooked up with this hot chick?". Whatever, even if it's not supposed to be a review-style show, the jokes aren't funny and the animation quality is poor. The dog sits there occasionally changing poses and moving his lips up and down while rather ugly-looking still images pop up on the screen. The dog and the room he's sitting in look good, but I'm assuming you had eighteen episodes to take care of that. Overall it's not a terrible animation, but it's not good either.