Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 18"

I personally really enjoy Adventures of Gumball.

Once you realize that the show is about life in Middle School you really understand why the show is so crazy.

Cause all my memory from Middle school reminds me that people were pretty irrational then, which leads to crazy behavoir. I do agree it take a while to get into the show as it does have 13 year old humor, but consideirng that is the audience they are going for it works perfectly.

As I begin to reminice about that age, I do notice that I had a lot of the same experinces he does in the show, not quite to the blown out poportions and not quite as crazy. But the core life lessons, and how he treats people I have done at least once in my life.

Like in the Episode: The Dream, is about how Gumball has a dream where his friend/brother kisses his girl friend and he cannot get over it.

At that age I had very irrational dreams like that, and it did effect how I treated other people as I no longer had a shadow of a doubt.

I think the big issue is that the are aiming for an audince that is 9-14, and their world is much stranger and different than adults. Even my parrents cringed when I selected what cartoons I wanted to watch in the 90s. I think it happens every generational gap.

If we are removing every show that has a family, you would eliminate almost all TV shows.

I understand the perspective you are coming from, but honestly Gumball is a great show. I would be sad if the stopped making it as the last 10 episodes have been top notch.

You got it, man--I don't know what the hell is happening with these shows anymore. You could also pretty much do a review on Cartoon Network itself in this manner, because that station is going to fucking Hell.
Now we have shit like "Uncle Grandpa?" That show about a 50 year old retard, and in the commercial I saw, he was frying a telephone.. on the stove, and answered... something that wasn't a phone? I think?
See, that shit is so fucking random (and random isn't always as funny as people might think it is), I can't even keep track of the commercial. Cartoons are turning into crap nowadays that don't even have a feasibly understandable plot or character design, that they'll just throw any piece of shit on that channel anymore. Not to mention almost all of it is horribly animated.

On the other hand, I don't know what's on Nickelodeon anymore. Last I checked, Spongebob and co. got really cutesy/homo, and everyone else on the network has stopped doing cartoons in lieu of shows about pretty teenagers, who usually sing.

But again, nice cartoon! I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing the recent decline in quality of these shows anymore.

What got me to keep watching was the different animation styles, I always found each and every one of them a joy to look at, it's a good show to just sit down and watch with the kids.

I first watched it when I was on vacation in America and I loved it instantly.

Oh, and the new addition to "Toons These Days" was pretty good, too I guess.

Hell yeah, I love this series.

yay! a new season of ''toons these days''!