Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 18"

good to see the show again but this wasn't a great return 1 no one expected it 2 the animation felt a little stiff but still liked it hope to see some more

But wasin't this supposed to be the last episode

also when is the next goddess of awesome coming out

Well se has her fetishes and he was luckly enough to by found by her...


Hell yeah Doggy's back This mean a Family Guy review is possible after all hurah! Anyway glad to see you're back for another season. Can't wait to see what else ya got.

*shakes finger at you*
Naughty naughty. You should know cutting corners results in an inferior flash. Making your characters blab away while the audio file plays will always look sloppy. I used to try to get away with that, but have learned since.

On a brighter note, Its great to see this series back again! Hopefully this "Holdover" will not set the standard for the rest of the series.