Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 18"

I laughed at one joke. Only one.

The lip movement is, to say the least, bad. It didn't match what Doggy was saying, and it made the animation feel, well, really static.

Also, while I know that losing the previous voice actor for Doggy can't be helped, the new voice isn't good. There's hardly any emotion, it's too quiet, and there's no strength in it. It sounds close enough to the original that it might could fool somebody if it was stronger.

I have to say the new mouth syncing process, even if it saves time, really hurts the overall presentation. Toons these days is centric on funny dialogue so it is important that, at minimum, the mouth movements look good and feel like they match the voice actor better. I understand all too well the juggle between production speed and quality and wish you luck in getting things balanced out!

The voice acting feels like it is lacking energy in the performance. Not bad, but I hope to see it improve over time.

Wow.....this....a perfect example of budget cutbacks........
Quality suffers....

I love some toons these days actually!

much as I love Toons These Days, I cannot rate this as well as the others.
I miss the old voice. This guy was closer than the last one (was it episode 9?), but was lacking that angry old man feeling (or really any feeling, seemed to concentrate too much on sounding old to remember to be angry) that we all love from Doggy.

Also, the mouth animation and synchronization was not as well done as past episodes. Doggy practically never shuts his mouth when he talks in this episode, and frequently his mouth is moving counter to the sound.

Overall, this one feels a bit rushed, and Doggy was a bit lackluster, but I still look forward to a new season of angry quips, sarcastic remarks, and snide commentary from our favorite old dog (Sorry, Triumph, you're second-favorite)