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Reviews for "Rocket Lizard"

its was an ok game i mean i wish i would of found out i could just hold down and X to fly maybe the instructions need to be more clear instead of saying "these are the buttons you use" well how about how you use them lol so i made a score of 75 by tapping the x and when you try tapping you always fall to the ground good thing i learned to hold both buttons before the fuel gathered all on the floor and i think this could use more power ups instead of just a purple speed boost pill what about health packs and splashing bullets cause some times two aliens appear in same spot im sure splash would take care of them alot easier than having to shoot through there bullets and kill one fly up shoot more bullets and kill the 2nd one behind the first one OVERALL its a really good game that just needs a few improvements but the slow start to the game meaning watching the score go up as slow as possible .. honestly i dont wanna try a secound time cause i was bored playing the first time so what will change even if i know howto fly better this game is not worth a replay sorry

nice work,this game is epic,nic sounds and graphics :)

there's no clear data, so if you miss a medal you have to clear your entire cache along with all other games to get it back. A rather poor design for a game.

Krail responds:

I've just implemented a change that should help with this.
Go left from the title screen into the achievement locker. If you shoot a panel for any achievement you have already unlocked but missed the medal for, it should give you the medal. Hope that helps!

Also, as a general tip, if you want to get around Flash Game saves like that, one thing you can do is play in private browsing mode. It won't remember any of your save data so you can go get achievements again, or play games like One Chance over again without erasing all your saves. You can also try playing in a different browser if you've got two or more browsers installed.

Really fun and simple!

Excessively fun, I adore this. Primarily due to the quips in the background...Kept me smiling, so no enjoyment was lost. While I wasn't exactly swearing, or sweating, it was a startlingly brilliant hands-on shooter...Along with that, bashing aliens with doors. *Doors*. X3