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Reviews for "Rage"

I don't feel like this was a boss fight, but it was pretty dark. And I dig that. To me, it sounded like the build up to the boss....like... climbing the mountain or traversing the caves, to get to the boss...haha. Anyways, if you achieved what you wanted here, then great. Everything together sounds like it should be together, so I dug it mang.

SoTJake responds:

Thanks :)

This sounds pretty darned awesome! I really wouldn't consider it a boss fight. It's not intense enough. Maybe the level leading up to the boss fight.

SoTJake responds:

well, after all the reviews I should maybe change the category under which I submit this song ;D

Thanks for the review!

I like your choice of sounds quite a bit, but the lead riff could use a little spicing up. It's interesting rhythmically but since it only switches between a few notes it gets a little old kind of fast, at least since it's so high in the mix.

Also, everyone else commented on this so i may get my two cents in as well: If this were the background music to a boss I wouldn't feel like it's out of place, however the specific idea i get is one of those parts of a game where you fight the final boss preemptively, where you're either supposed to lose or the fight ends via some deus ex machina. I feel like this track is more suited to a scene where the villain begins enacting his evil plan or doing something generally unpleasant for the protagonists, something the audience feels helpless to stop. This is definitely villain music, and overall i liked it. Like I said though, maybe vary the lead riff a little more.

SoTJake responds:

Yeah, you are right, the main lead should have more variety or lower in the mix. I put it higher as I thought the bass riff sounded too aggressive and could be hard on the ears. I also thought that if you are in a bossfight, especially a fight where you are struggling to survive, you are more concentrating on the fight and the soundtrack should be driving, yet also a bit repetative. Maybe I overdid it a bit with the "repetative part".

As for the impression of this track as boss music I think that your impression is quite on the spot. When comparing the track to actual boss of games I played (only gameplay-wise, not comparing the soundtracks) I thought of the fights in Deus Ex, where you had to fight in a more indirect way and the bosses where always chasing you, and Hotline Miami, where this driving atmosphere and constant fear of getting killed with 1 shot was prevalent. Anyways, thank you very much for your review, glad to hear some useful advice :)

I like the effects going on and the dark techy mood. One thing i noticed is that its quite empty sounding, You could remedy this by maybe layering up on your lead sounds a bit. The square wave lead can be effective but it also needs some garnish. Consider layering it with another wave form and perhaps have some modulation on the pitch (vibrato) might be a nice touch.
If you dont fancy that some nice warping bass sounds that fit around your kick and snare might do the trick. Overall good job.

SoTJake responds:

Yeah the lead was just a lead that i recycled from another, much simpler track, where the lead should sound pretty bold and simple. After your comment I experimented a bit with that lead and the endresult would have sounded similar but as you already stated, a bit more "filling". I, however, liked it more this way, so I think that is a thing of taste. But yeah, I think a bit more variety would help.

Thoughts while listening:

Hmm...certainly better than most 8-bit videogame tunes I hear tossed out here on NG. Sounds like you've put some real effort in. Really simple lead-line, but it works well. Certainly a good videogame track. Could be used in pretty much any genre of game! Really long silence at the end. Perhaps you need to trim...

Thoughts after listening:

Some improvements;

-Considering this is a videogame track, it would be really handy to make it a loop, rather than a complete song. Just a thought.
-Could use a bridge, to mix things up. Once you've heard the first minute, you've kinda heard the whole song.

Some good things;

-I still loved the atmosphere...could be used just about anywhere. I mean, I can't really think of a genre of game that this couldn't work for! Maybe Animal Crossing might not be the best place, but other than that...
-Well mixed! Your levels are top-notch, and there was no ear-grindage anywhere.
-I loved the simplicity of the lead-line. Many people seem to make a good rhythm section, then completely miss putting in a lead, mostly because they can't really compose, I suspect. You, however, took three notes and a rhythm and made it work. Mad props!

Overall, solid track. Simple, effective, and universal. Could use a little mix-up, but considering that you're trying to create a steady drive for a boss fight, that's not entirely a bad thing!

3.5/5, R4R

SoTJake responds:

Thanks :)
I was considering making this a loop but as you already stated, it is pretty repetitive after a short while and really needs a bridge, so a loop would have hurt this track more than it would have helped, imo.