Reviews for "exposure"

nice game! :D

Great game! But I found a glitch. After watering the trees, and taking the flower to the treekeeper, if you run by his girlfriend again (the person next to where you pick the flower up), and she talks to you, she will interrupt his speech and he won't give you the shadow orb.

Still a really cool game concept and neat play though :)

Amazing i love the 3d in it :)

I have long sought to find a secret brown or greenartifact in the hope of balancing NYX and SOL ...^^ (like the in the level's bottom, the symbol with a green center above the meta-golem is supposed to represent a third force ? thus, it's lacks a lost artefact for really balacing the 6 orbs ? this is the green thing or the brown in the center of the golem ?)
Maybe this is a message that the conflict is inevitable and peace is impossible because it's too late ?

Thus,I think that the "mixed blessing" ending + oasis and desert bloom is the best choice because it does not creat an eternal night or eternal day. (i don't think this is good for the Life on this planet)
It's a shame to don't be able to stop the conflict and NYXians will massacre SOLlians but at least the monstruous machine who can brokes the world's balance is broken; this is "just" a human tragedy and not the end of the planet's Life.
The world already seems a little unbalanced in favor of SOL (It's burns many things) but maybe with the Oasis and Desert Bloom....life will not being so hard; i hope.

Great game! A restart button would be nice though, kind of bummed me out when I had to refresh the entire page and sit through another ad because I messed up and purified an orb.