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Reviews for "Urinal Buddies"

Looks good.

The animation is fluid and nice, could work a bit on the mouth movements.
The animation overall is actually really nice... But it wasn't "that" funny.
Not trying to be a dick here, but the pee joke was lame, and i didn't get it.

Brewster responds:

yeah youre right the lip sync couldve been stronger. thanks for taking the time

I like how smoothly this was animated... content was a bit odd for my tastes, but smooth animation

Brewster responds:

Yeah I can understand where you're co,ing from. thanks.

This was pretty funny, I'd totally be a urinal buddy anyday

Brewster responds:

read response below

hmmmmeh. I mean, the animation is pretty alright, but it seems a little blocky at times. Same with the music. The music's just kinda awkwardly set in there. I still found it to be a pretty good animation, but far from the best. Writing needs work.

Brewster responds:

Yeah the way I approached the writing was there wasn't actually any writing I just kinda started recording stuff and making it up as I went.

You're getting pretty good at writing & delivering "awkward" banter. It had me smiling throughout. It's also not a problem that it didn't end up being a Clock Day short, as the premise didn't need to be Clock-related to be funny. Good stuff!

Brewster responds:

Thanks, yeah the whole clock thing worked out because besides the character design it really had nothing to do with clocks.