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Reviews for "Shallow Soil"

Since I think that any religion is absurd, I come here to enjoy drawing style of that author, which is qite nice. The only sad thing is that this animation is not as epic as the previous one.

Drawings and story was pretty neat. Animation was good enough for this style and the transitions were nicely put together at least before the end where they started to signal mixed messages. The music was a bit awkward, because I was listening on speakers and in my country religion is frowned upon and it was also a tad on the corny side.

Fear is a hell of a motivator.

I'm split on this. At first it seemed like the most cliched and overdone plot in American Culture (rip on christianity). Then, it took an odd twist. I don't think that there that level of discrimination. And at the same time there's depth the the story with the character's relationships.