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Reviews for "Shallow Soil"

I have to say that this was pretty corny at points and the song "With Jesus" is pretty sappy, but the overall message is pretty good and strong. You did a nice job with this animation.

nahtanojmal responds:

Yeah I agree. Thanks man. :D

not too preachy & straight to the point as a baptist i like this also in the scene when he is fired for his beliefs that's illegal i would have just taken that pink slip & took her ass to court & see who gets a hefty lawsuit & FIRED

nahtanojmal responds:

I did have to simplify it to make the point that people can be fired for their belief in God. In the real world employers would be more cunning as to avoid legal action. And if that were the case James 1:2-4 comes to mind along with Matthew 10:22-25 and then Hebrews 10:30-31.
There are more important things in life than a job.

Thanks for the Review ;)

Nahtanojmal's christian flashes are just so moving.
What was the name of that song though?

nahtanojmal responds:

Thanks Man, I made the song myself ;)
I guess I call it, "With Jesus"

I've seen things like this and typically they end right with the empty seat in church, but you took it a step further and gave even a further meaning to the story.
I love the beginning, it's very comical. The preacher does sound like a drag to listen to. I also love that when he first approaches Christ was mostly because of a girl that he really liked.
I love the first excitement too that was shown as well when he first came to Christ, and how that was sharply interrupted with a punch to the face, and waking up with another woman in bed. Showing his relationship with Christ and the girl have dissolved to almost nothing.
In the nightmare scene, the imagery was strong. I did feel however that the protagonist should have been annoyed further before shooting the floating bible. The punch was perfect where it was, but he needed more annoyance before driven to that climatic moment. That moment is so huge to what is in his heart and his relationship with Christ, and would have been more powerful if it had more of a climax. But it still had amazing and powerful imagery. The nightmare is where the protagonist begins to change, where before there was no change in his heart.
His new commitment and his new persecutions were powerful, and it says a lot when someone follows Christ, it is not an easy path, but joy is filled with Jesus.
The nice ending to this is that he gets the girl in the end. That's where the story began, and that's part of his centralized problem. I believe that it is the dramatic question to the story to begin with, he was wining her, then losing her. He had to re-commit himself to Christ before he could keep her. At the end he gets the girl, and something more, a peace and relationship with Christ. The girl was the "passage way" a "tool" or medium between Christ and the protagonist.
Keep up to good work. Your videos are filled with powerful images and I look forward to seeing more from you!

Fear is a hell of a motivator.