Reviews for "It's Barack Obama!"

animations great! but the awkward bantering where people stumble over there words is way over done.

I realize the satirical and conversational awkward humor you were going for here, sadly it didn't really work for me. There's a lot of potential here.

That being said, I could have gone my entire life without hearing the 'Full House' theme song, but I really liked its usage here, resulting in a full extra point on my rating. Keep it up, this could turn into something pretty good if you intend to make a series of it, either with Obama or maybe other celebrities/politicians.

Emrox responds:

hahaha political cartoons suck

Funny but its a little random. But I LIKE RANDOM!

I loved the dry humor in this work. I thought that the animation was cartoon-like (which is great) although perhaps it could be touched up on the movement.
It probably takes longer and harder work, but color makes a huge difference!

The banter and humor reminds me of mix between Arin Hansen and Max Ghilardi. The humor was also very subtle, and clever, in some places. It took me too the second watch to get the assumption joke Obama made. I like the animation quality too it was smooth.

Emrox responds:

max ghirardelli