Reviews for "It's Barack Obama!"

I really enjoyed this one. The dialogue/banter was spot on. The comedic timing was down pat. Not to mention the doodle-style animation, which was also quite good in many areas--particularly the first walking loop and most of the lip syncing. Awesome job!

What a fun art style! Neat!

Lmao. Great.

And then full house at the end lolwut

This is a very rough animation style which i guess is pretty cool looking, and it's far from polished, which is totally fine. The script sounds like something that was improvised, which again is totally fine. This type of humor doesnt quite hit me on the head, but at least I got a good nostalgia blast from Full House

Very good animation, also quite funny. I hope you'll make a full color version.

P.S The Rayman neck was what got it from 4.5 stars to 5 stars, lol