Reviews for "Rocker defence"

This game at first i though it was crap but then i tried to give it a chance and it actually is pretty fun once you get to know the mechanics of the game. For all of you crying about controls - CONTROLS ARE REBINDABLE IN THE MAIN MENU!

Here's some tips - first things first, run tru the tutorial, pretty good fight techniques explained there. Then try beating the first 1 or 2 levels without taking any dmg, it's pretty easy and it will net you good amount of points to buy a buddy - just stunlock your enemies with the kick and finish em with the uppercut and a bottle throw. Invest in some health upgrades and skills like ground slam and use em to help your buddies. Master the mechanics of the game like drinking from the bottle for dmg boost or health regen, time your attacks for stunlocking your enemies and crit em in the heads for more dmg.

It's a pretty nice game once you get to know it.

Just cause it's about rock

Maybe you were too ambitious~ You need to fix the controls in order to get people enjoy your game. The fanfare and the grey-ish loading screen don`t fit but whatever, you can fix it later. Good luck

-> frank-n-furter666 I think YUIH is finely shaped, like your keyboard is an arcade stick

The game had really sloppy controls, and the button layout was awkward. WASD is a standard, but the YUIH? You are also infringing on some copyright ground using a final fantasy fanfare my friend. Better get that out of the game, touch it up with some better controls and collision detection and then re-submit.

What is this? A game for ants?