Reviews for "Touch The Bubbles 4"

So, this is a game about...popping coloured bubbles? Are you serious? There is no meaning in doing this. Try harder, lil brotha! Try harder!

Nice game! i like it! Kinda fun but hard sometimes.

What are you even supposed to do?

Indeed, blowing up bubbles is insanely entertaining! Bubbles in all colors and sizes, glistening, glowing bubbles, and the ease with which they're popped combined with subtle videogame music... it's a euphoric sensation. :D Great game!


Not bad at all for what it is - but this seems like another game where when you're trying to use a track-pad rather than mouse at a certain point ya just go 'blah'.

The music is cheesy as hell, but fits the atmosphere of the game. I feel like I should be in some arcade or street casino in Tokyo.

Also, it's not really a new concept for a game, so that takes off a star.

The other minus a star is that even by level seven I became disinterested in it.

best of luck.