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Reviews for "AreYouMadness?"

Yes I'd have to agree with others, this game is just absolutely terrible. The lag is horrific, when I shoot the head of of that one enemy it dies but keeps walking, you can still get hurt by its spam walking body, and the wave never ends. I couldn't agree more with the statement, DID YOU EVEN TEST YOUR GAME? Your a shame to good game makers and get the hell out of the business with your trash.


the game sucks I have good internet good pc the games too slow I wouldn't blame on pc I'm also not using chrome so dude what the hells wrong I suggest you fix these issues before I even make it a three good songs though two referenced from tom fulps madness regent and hydraulic I give it 0.5 because the two songs are some of my favorites

Why?!? There is no health kits in this game!!!! How can I beat wave 3! I can't find health kits! UPDATE NOW!!!

broekn piece of shit.