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Reviews for "AreYouMadness?"

AWWWW hank is adorable in this game :D

Meh, not bad but not good.

This game was too tedious for me to get into. My computer operates fine on high quality with most flash games, thus I disagree with the proposition that my computer is causing this game to lag. It's a hard game, sure, but the difficulty comes from the firepower of the gun being too low, instead of challenging gameplay. For a first game, I say not bad, but keep working on it and we'll see something impressive.

well this game has bugs so if you shoot at someone it do not exploses it just stays

Sound would be nice and probably make the 3 minutes I could play this game a 3 star rating to me.

The other 2 stars are lost because at wave 3 I lose control of the character. He meanders to the nearest wall, firing randomly until he gets killed.