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Reviews for "AreYouMadness?"

hey,its the konami code(acting like a newbie)
another thing:you said run aimlessly cause its dead but after i shoot its head,it runs aimlessly and i got near him and took damage.also i got to wave 3 killed all enemies AND i stuck in wave 3

TeamAmadeus responds:

thanks for review! i see the problem of wave, this rarely happens and i really don't know why, but you can reset the wave with ESC and do wave 3 again. :)

Could have ben awesome game, but there are few things this game really needs :
- faster movement
- respawn limited time invincibility or enemy respawn different from your location.

And another few things to make this game better.
- rapid fire + cooling system
- more weapons
- better enemy AI (grunt jump ability)

The game is decent, has a few glitches thought.
Nice graphics, lacks sound.
Thanks for using my song OUTMIND :D

TeamAmadeus responds:

Thank you for the great song :D

It's not a bad game, but it needs more too it, like, it needs to be longer, and I somehow got 2nd on the leaderboard.

*Before playing
Wow i'll lose like a bitch everyone say that this is hard as f*ck
*Before review time
Hmm, it seems being shitty, but i think that it will have a great gameplay
But, putting bosses tips. . . its wrong dude
*After playing
Yeah this shit is hard, i can't do this bro
*After Review time!
Dude, how hard this is! i liked (a bit) the gameplay system, but something is very wrong. . .
These bat enemies sucks, don't do nothing, don't have sense to play this dude, i'm sick of this.
Ops i writed very much, the bosses are hard tooooo :D
i didn't losed one time, because i stopped playing. . . Well, you can upgrade this game, first by making real enemies, NOT BATS!
Anyway i think that this, deserves 3.5 stars. . . How brilliant is the repetitive music? ARGHH. . .
What a simple menu, uh? i think that this is wrong. . . you maked a good game, but some things that make me rage! make a update on this bro. . .
And, Your game is very good, but these things, the sound, DA BATS, Argh!
You can do better! i think that you can do! use your skills to something better! exit a bit from the madness realm!
Anyway, A good game deserves 3 stars, and a BRILLIANT GAME deserves 5 stars!
Hope you do better (not being offensive i'm being stupid as f*ck)!