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Reviews for "AreYouMadness?"


TeamAmadeus responds:

Thanks :D


I love how you can visibly see your character's life via how damaged he looked, the music suited the game very well. The animations were nicely done. The enemies were interesting as some of them provided a mild challenge. I liked the range of weapons but found that the blade was next to useless, especially when the flying enemies came into the game, I suggest adding a double jump or some platforms to allow the player to reach more of the map.

A tad bit clunky with the controls as I found the game not particularly smooth, I don't know if it was my frame rate dropping because of the tiled background (I would suggest dropping the file size down on it). It would be nice to have a less memory heavy game so that people don't have to sacrifice the quality artwork by turning down the quality of the game. but I found the game slow to react, especially when I died or lost. It would be nice for the transitions from dying from the restart screen to be faster, the animation takes a bit long.

While on the topic of speed some of the weapons bullets are a bit slow, for the normal gun and it's upgrades the speed of the bullets are a fun challenge with fast enemies, but weapons like the flamethrower, the bullets move far to slow breaking the flow of the game making the player stop and wait of the flames to catch up and kill the enemy in front of them, the whole point of a run and gun game is so that you can run... And gun! Not stop wait for bullets to catch up then run.

I also found that if I was hit by a guy running with a small dagger and was against a wall I sometimes got stuck, wedged between him and the wall killing me with no hope of escape. The dagger enemy also sometimes froze up and did not move, this allowed me to shoot him an infinite amount of times to get a higher score without him dying. This did not impact the gameplay too much as you did have a wave reset option.

I liked the colour scheme it worked well. An addition of a minimap or arrows pointing out were an enemy is would also help with finding them, as the player has to run to each corner of the map to make sure they have killed that whole wave.

TeamAmadeus responds:

thanks for review, I will keep in mind

hey,its the konami code(acting like a newbie)
another thing:you said run aimlessly cause its dead but after i shoot its head,it runs aimlessly and i got near him and took damage.also i got to wave 3 killed all enemies AND i stuck in wave 3

TeamAmadeus responds:

thanks for review! i see the problem of wave, this rarely happens and i really don't know why, but you can reset the wave with ESC and do wave 3 again. :)

So hard!