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Reviews for "AreYouMadness?"

Yes I'd have to agree with others, this game is just absolutely terrible. The lag is horrific, when I shoot the head of of that one enemy it dies but keeps walking, you can still get hurt by its spam walking body, and the wave never ends. I couldn't agree more with the statement, DID YOU EVEN TEST YOUR GAME? Your a shame to good game makers and get the hell out of the business with your trash.

Meh, not bad but not good.

Not very good. One HUGE problem I have with it is that it doesn't have any "limited post-hit invincibility" so you can get away from an enemy that has you trapped. Once an enemy traps you, you're pretty much fucked. That was the only major problem I had. Also, I would like to see more guns. Also, I would like to have a music volume option. Also, I would like some gun sound effects

I got higher than the high score... but I beat the game... and it didn't put my score in. :c

Could have ben awesome game, but there are few things this game really needs :
- faster movement
- respawn limited time invincibility or enemy respawn different from your location.

And another few things to make this game better.
- rapid fire + cooling system
- more weapons
- better enemy AI (grunt jump ability)