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Reviews for "AreYouMadness?"

So hard!

*Before playing
Wow i'll lose like a bitch everyone say that this is hard as f*ck
*Before review time
Hmm, it seems being shitty, but i think that it will have a great gameplay
But, putting bosses tips. . . its wrong dude
*After playing
Yeah this shit is hard, i can't do this bro
*After Review time!
Dude, how hard this is! i liked (a bit) the gameplay system, but something is very wrong. . .
These bat enemies sucks, don't do nothing, don't have sense to play this dude, i'm sick of this.
Ops i writed very much, the bosses are hard tooooo :D
i didn't losed one time, because i stopped playing. . . Well, you can upgrade this game, first by making real enemies, NOT BATS!
Anyway i think that this, deserves 3.5 stars. . . How brilliant is the repetitive music? ARGHH. . .
What a simple menu, uh? i think that this is wrong. . . you maked a good game, but some things that make me rage! make a update on this bro. . .
And, Your game is very good, but these things, the sound, DA BATS, Argh!
You can do better! i think that you can do! use your skills to something better! exit a bit from the madness realm!
Anyway, A good game deserves 3 stars, and a BRILLIANT GAME deserves 5 stars!
Hope you do better (not being offensive i'm being stupid as f*ck)!

the game sucks I have good internet good pc the games too slow I wouldn't blame on pc I'm also not using chrome so dude what the hells wrong I suggest you fix these issues before I even make it a three good songs though two referenced from tom fulps madness regent and hydraulic I give it 0.5 because the two songs are some of my favorites

well this game has bugs so if you shoot at someone it do not exploses it just stays

Nice game!, can you make a tutorial of this game? i really need it for my game..