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Reviews for "link to the dirty past"

It should of loaded by now

This thing never played. The load time was too much for a 1400k movie. I let it set a few minutes, but it never played.

good job

Hey friend, this was awesome, i like how you actually kept peoples opinions in mind (the positive ones) I have an idea too, you could make a Shining Force Rip, i mean Zelda and Final Fantasy is just getting stale, i'm sure you've all heard of Shining Force, if you want to collaborate ideas just e-mail me at:


thanks, see ya
again, good work

re-submitted flash

Tell me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the 3rd time you submitted this movie (Link's Condom, Link's Condom Quest, and Link to the Dirty Past". Instead of resubmitting it again and again, why don't u just update that first one. You can re-upload ya know. Btw, I did like it the first time, it was good enough, just move on to ur next flash. :)

supersaiyan-power responds:

you're not paying attention. the first one was an error but it somehow showed up on newgrounds anyway, there isn't even a page there. the second one, like it says above, was just a test. and this one is the final.


it's not funny anny more...


how many times are you going to redo this already, give us a damn break already you moron, it's not even funny