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Reviews for "link to the dirty past"

great! it could use work thogh

this was a great movie but theres soooo many things that could have been changed to make it muuch beter like the sound there was no sound afexsand no music well there was the title screen music but even thogh its a nice tune you change the music for different times and stuff like wen link enters the store you could change it there well anyways it was great all in all.
p.s. its not to different from the condom quest... and aaa.. err.. link told me to tell you your a slopy dumb ass and you should not be slopy (even the maine charachter comlained sheeesh)


An Oldie, but a goodie!


That was great! all people who gave it 5 or lower should go screw a dead donkey!

eh..it wasnt that bad

i was a big skeptical at first ..but it was ok...lol :/ at least u knew that ur flash styles werent all too perfect..but it was ok..the plot was old and overused..but yea


Link told me to tell you that you're a sloppy flash maker. The screen kept changing size...

Oh, and stop stealing old jokes.