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Reviews for "Deeper Sleep"

Finally, an actually challenging point and click game!

Playing on stages of sleep of how the body behaves when the brain is active. These are very powerful hallucinogens on all 5 senses making dreams comes into reality. Brain is mostly asleep but a person can be conscious remembering every detail while feeling the pain. There 3 stages where this apply and this game is basing it on. Night terrors is another one dealing with the young growing up most of the time. Trying to figure it out is mind boggling since we don't have that control.

Love the art work that captures what most people will see. Puzzle are hard for me but fun at the same-time. Love the eerie choice of style and shades.

Jamas llegué a pensar que Jesse haría este juego que formó parte de mi infancia :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Will it be continued?? I just finished 1 and 2 I really liked them!

10/10 would pee my pants again