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Reviews for "Deeper Sleep"

man... how long I had to go and back just to find a scarecrow on the forest I didn't have seen that street at first time... Awesome game, now I'm gonna play the thirth one.

Good game

Great sequel that improves upon the original without being too long or confusing for the most part, great optional bonus bit about... well, not going to give it away.

While i had minimal trouble completing the game i imagine the "bag" puzzle would have given a few people trouble. my problem with the puzzle was how little sense it made, logically that is.

Despite this i am glad i got to play this before the death of flash, here's to hoping it's been archived. Ether way, Great game, Would highly recommend.

Excellent game, I got scared even when I knew I was going to. Just two questions though:
1. Why wasn't Felicity down in the well? She would have fit better there.
2. Is Cate from Don't Escape 4 the protagonist of the Deep Sleep series?

All of your games are the best games on this platform. 11/9