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Reviews for "Nuclear End 2"

game's pretty good, but there are some major issues plaguing it.

1) zooming is pretty bad. on the larger cities you need to zoom out so far to find a good spot to hit that you cant see anything.

2) on the last nuke of a set (and if you use abilities that only allow one shot) fallout does absolutely nothing, because the end of level menu pops up before fallout has any chance to work.

this means thor, tsar, and mirv are all useless compared to airburst and airburst 2.

add a 5-8 second delay after the final nuke in a set goes off so the fallout from the last one can actually do something.

the inverted controls are annoying, and cant really see where i'm going with the first nuke.
when zoomed out far enough to see whats going on, i can't see the nuke.

the potential for a fun game ruined by poor design choices.
i'd play this if the obvious problems were fixed, but not before.

Things get super-easy once you get Airburst II. Not even Thor can beat it.

I agree with the minimap suggestions, other than that a really nice concept. it handles similar to a game called Nimbus that I played once which I really liked so kudos on the nuke handling :D Keep up the good work!

Minimap to see a city as you descend would be nice, as would some form of warning for which directions SAMs are approaching from.

Good game overall, but a MAJOR complaint for me is the background. What is up with the random white areas covering half the screen that obscure the missile and SAMs, or the black areas that do the same?