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Reviews for "Nuclear End 2"

This is super fun.

But it's frustrating to have to zoom out franticly with every nuke. And having the SAMs spawn right in front of you is not cool.

The world was plunged into an abyss of nuclear fire and radiation...

Mr. Gentleman at your service!

second place for canada

Well, You've come a long way from the first one! But, You must always strive to improve. Okay, Firstly, Radiation is totally OP... Except when you use anything with only one missile. Then the round ends before the radiation has a chance to do its thing. Secondly, Later in the game, It got to a point in which A)SAM missiles were literally /everywhere/. Like, I couldn't get anywhere close to the ground because they were firing off so many.
B) My fallout/explosion damage started doing 30000+ And destroying entire cities in one shot.
Now, Both of these are a problem. Maybe have a way to /beat/ the game? I don't know if that's possible, But it'd be cool.
Ah, My main issue though is that it doesn't save. Maybe that's just me, But I accidentally refreshed, And it deleted my progress... that was a bummer, Because I had been playing it for two hours.
Anyway, A nice game that could use some minor tweaks.