Reviews for "Socrates Jones: Pro Philo"

You are truly a genius, the format and exploration of the different philosophical views was astounding, and your teams breath of knowledge of the subject was amazing. The mechanics of digging into the different philosophies meat and bones to not only reach a better understanding but also inspire our own conclusions and thinking on philosophies that may otherwise seem perfect is simply amazing.

And i applaud you for your ending, at one point about half way through i was beginning to question the nature of the games philosophy, thinking you were guiding us towards a forgone philosophical conclusion of some sort, possibly of your own philosophical views. This at first upset me, as i knew that a true philosophical debate was not within the parameters of the game, and the arguments and counter arguments are limited due to the format. However in the end you surprised me by guiding me towards a conclusion i had never heard of or considered myself, without espousing the virtue of one philosophical view point over all others. This in itself shows the true genius of the game, by promoting philosophicle thought above all else, without guiding you towards one specific philosophy

In that regards, if you make a sequal (which i hope to plato you do) i would lay of bashing the various philosophical views if possible. A game as great of this should encourage thinking in all philosophies, and the attacks against europhyties philosophy (though i agree) may have turned some people off to this avenue of philosophical thought. I do however accept that the bashing did lead to entertaining banter and made the game more enjoyable, which as a developer you also have to consider, so regardless of this fact you get all my stars.

This is arguably one of my all time favorite games. I love philosophy and utilizing it in game play was a phenomenal idea. The execution was on point. You certainly have to think, but it wasn't frustrating or off-putting. I most definitely hope to see more like this!!!

This... is one of the best games I have EVER played. You have successfully combined philosophy, good artwork, debate, and a witty sense of humor all into one. My favorite line had to be '... I just realised.... half of us have facial hair!", it was so out of place it was hilarious! Awesome job, and I hope you make another!

WOW! This game was amazing. I always wanted to play a really good educational game - and u guys made it possible! It really stopped me from going to sleep for some hours. Just wanted to say thank you for the good time. Please keep up the good work!

how did you come up with the dialogues?

ChiefWakamakamu responds:

We had a philosophy professor working with us, and we went back and forth until we came up with something that worked for each debate. And then, I added a liberal dose of stupid jokes. =)