Reviews for "Socrates Jones: Pro Philo"

I actually kind of saw that coming, just because I watch Supernatural so much and it always comes down to "oh, this person sold his/her soul to save that person." I guess I'm just used to it! ^_^

Absolutely spectacular! Usually I find largely text-based games lacking, but this one has everything necessary. In fact, it was so great, I played it all the way through, even though my brain really was killing me.

Some superb aspects:
-Humor, the philosophers were spot on, I just loved it
-NONSENSE! (I don't know, that was just gratifying for me.)
-Ability to question, even when I was stuck because my ideas weren't directly conveyed by the options available, I could probe enough to get at the point I was searching for
-Length, though it may seem a bit long, each person added a new challenge, I especially love the questioning of your own conclusions bit as I had been doing that all along
-Shock value, no explanation needed

I really can't find any negatives, unless philosophy isn't your thing, in which case you would hate the game. But if that were the case, you would have quit with the salesman.

This is definitely one of the better games I've played. Good job!

dork game!!!!

fun game, cool premise. that said, i found that to really get passed a lot of this, you really need to be a philosophy student. you can work around it a bit, but some parts i was stuck. nevertheless, this must have taken a long time to create these arguments. so kudos to you! it certainly paid off and made the game very interesting :)