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Reviews for "Socrates Jones: Pro Philo"

So now that i finish this haunting game (so many hours spent for nothing), i think the better thing i have to do is go to sleeeep as well..

i got that ace attorney feel :D

The previous commentary is from a fool who is misjudging your game by the demerits of their own shortcomings; patience for example. The game brilliant, hard enough, educational, immersive. Great playing! Thanks

I heard about this awhile ago through the IndieGames twitter account and thought I'll check this out but I never got the chance and now with it on Newgrounds I must check it out! This has a very Phoenix Wright feel going on in my opinion which is a pretty good thing. This starts off really slow and I'm getting the feeling it plays really slow. The music is pretty good but it needs to be more exciting when asking questions like in Phoenix Wright. I'm really tired of the amount of presentations from Billy here. I can't stand to play through this. It is wait to text heavy and slow with boring music. The first 30 minutes is really boring so my review is only based off of the first slow ass 30 minutes.

I actually kind of saw that coming, just because I watch Supernatural so much and it always comes down to "oh, this person sold his/her soul to save that person." I guess I'm just used to it! ^_^