Reviews for "Socrates Jones: Pro Philo"

Played this on Newgrounds years ago and enjoyed it so much I decided to check out the AA series. Not only is this a fantastic game in it's own right but it introduced me to one of my favorate series of all time.

This game is amazing.

I love Ace Attorney, and the fact this is all about philosophies and morals makes it even more incredible. :)

I guess you never face off against Friedrich Nietsczhe because you already adapt his philosophy for being an Ubermensch by believing there is no true answer?

(Sorry if that counts as spoilers. :( I won't reveal who the final boss is though, it's a secret. ^^;)

Erm, I'm not sure what else to say here. :( I guess I love using logic and figuring things out because it makes me feel smart. XD Though sometimes I get stuck for a while. ^^; Sometimes when I finally figure it out though, it's like, I should have came up with that answer all along. XD

I love the dynamic between the dad and his teenage daughter too, whether it's sad, heartwarming, funny, etc. ^^;

Hearing about philosophers in school seems kind of interesting, I wonder if I should have taken a class like that if I was able to, or something like Psychology. :? I think I would have if I saw it so they probably didn't have it on my high school and I don't remember learning about it. :( I guess they might have these things in College/University though so I could take it later, if I ever make it there...

Sorry for getting all emotional. ^^;

Anyways, even though there's only a handful of characters to face off against, the game still seems to take a few hours to beat, but that's good, it gives it a lot of depth for a flash game. :)

I wish there were more Ace Attorney games. <3 Whether it's actually like Ace Attorney with cases or another game on some interesting topic like philosophy...

Thank you for making this. :3

This game is just perfect!
Dialogues, arguments and jokes are really well written and the music is really fitting the general atmosphere.
This is ones of the best games I've ever played on newgrounds!

I cannot begin to describe how much I enjoy Socrates Jones. The writing is fantastic, the characters are memorable, every joke hits a bulls-eye, and there is even an emotional storyline woven into the mix. But all of this is nothing compared to the game's greatest strength: originality. It's NEW. It's DIFFERENT. It takes the style of the Ace Attorney series and somehow manages to surpass it with it's own unique themes and gameplay elements. It takes philosophy, one of the scariest classes to teach and learn, and makes it fun and inviting. It takes risks and ends up shining above the rest of Newground's countless offerings.

Socrates Jones is a game I will not forget. For that reason, I have given it the distinction of being one of my TOP 10 GAMES ever released on Newgrounds. It truly is an adventure that needs to be experienced, and hopefully it will continue to be experienced for the foreseeable future.


Great game! I first played this when I was studying philosophy in High School, and so I could really understand and appreciate a lot of the references, and viewpoints. I must admit, I've never played any Ace Attorney games, but if they're nearly as good as this, then I'll have to get around to them some day.