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Reviews for "Enhanced!"

nice graphics, but other than that this game is booooooring... repetitive backgrounds and bare minimum gameplay just make it an aesthetic waste of time.
sorry. 2 for effort.

I have 2 main problems with this:
1) The player camera handles like a stubborn mule. It doesn't react to minor movements, but a bit further and it power-charges across the screen. The camera apathy means I can only see so far if I turn around (which I did a lot in the beginning levels), and aiming up or down felt too jerky and inaccurate. Also, the fixed camera area (the part of the camera that is permanently in vision) is too small, so the playing field feels tiny and claustrophobic.
I'd rather have either a screen that stays centered on the player, or more carefully centered on both the cursor and the player.
2) Important information isn't displayed clearly. Health, Energy and EXP are too small and out of the way. This information needs to be seen clearly at a moment's notice so the player can quickly change strategy if, say, they are low on health and need to run. Right now, it lies about the player's peripheral vision.
Again, this is tied to the camera problem, as the jerky camera makes the HUD info feel like it's not constant (i.e. within the "no-move"zone, the HUD is stuck to the scenery, and in the "move-away" zone, the HUD feels like it has moved with the scenery).
If you are going for a run-and-gun game, the player needs to know their health instantly, and should not have to detach themselves from the action to check their health. Would you, in the middle of a firefight, stop to check if you took a bullet or not? No! It would be obvious within battle if you got shot. This needs to be shown better within the game.

And one minor detail. In the upgrades screen, the description of the upgrades is hard to read due to the background colour similarity with the text. The flashing icons above don't help either.

Right now, this game has some really unpolished mechanics that ruins what could be a fun game. You need to consider what the player needs to see first and foremost and make it clear that that information is there, not tuck it away in a corner.

Honestly the game looks great, love the grahics! Music was VERy interesting and fitting for the games tone and mood. Controls were easy to use and fun to use.

The movement of the camera was a bit... off. It felt kinda static and was hurtful to the eyes. the game felt like it, 'Needed' something to set it apart from other games.

Thanks for reading...